NOW LIVE!! Virtuous Lies by Haley Jenner!


“This is hands down one of the best arranged marriage romances I have ever read.” ~ Ratula, Bookgasms Book Blog

Grab your copy now ~

Author duo, Haley Jenner, have a brand-new standalone romance available now. Virtuous Lies is book one in their Lies of the Underworld series. Grab your copy and get ready for the heat that’ll hit your shelves with this gritty and suspenseful mafia story.

✔️ Mafia 
✔️ Arranged Marriage
✔️ Age Gap
✔️ Forced Proximity 
✔️ Obsessive Hero 

Bianca Rossi is the perfect mafia daughter. 
A good girl. 
She does what she’s told. 
She knows her value in the family; the key to peace with the Chicago Outfit. 
But when her sister’s safety is threatened, she’ll do everything in her power to protect her. 
She knows that she may pay for her lies with her life and it’s a risk she’s willing to take.
Forced into matrimony with the family’s enforcer, Bianca begins to realize that not all is as it seems. 
Lies begin to unfurl and the line between lust and love is blurred. 
Hearts and loyalties are tested. 
Lies may be commonplace in the underworld, but rarely are they as virtuous as hers. 
Her heart is good, but her new husband may very well break it after he claims it. 

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