The Sun and the Moon by Leslie McAdam is 99c!

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I just wanted a freaking cup of coffee. After all, hard-charging lawyers like me require caffeine to survive court battles.

I didn’t expect my life to change.

I didn’t expect the unbelievably hot guy behind the counter—all green eyes and golden surfer curls—to tilt my world.

And I REALLY didn’t expect his particular brand of laid-back alpha male style.

I’d been so secure in my own little world. One with Rules about what I do—and what I definitely do NOT do.

Especially in bed.

Rule Number 9? No dirty talking? There’s no earthly reason why I’d want anyone to do that.

I may be stuck-up, but my Rules kept me safe and happy.

Okay, I wasn’t happy. Depressed and repressed is more like it.

But am I ready for Mister Barista to obliterate every Rule in my book?

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