Hidden Creek Secrets is on sale for FREE!!

House burned down?#check
Forced back to my old hometown? #check
Rumors, drama, and b*tches? #checkcheckandcheck

What could make things worse for me?
One name.

Weslee freakin’ Jackson.

The worst of the worst.
The one I’m told by EVERYONE to stay away from.
Which should be easy, right?
He’s everywhere I go.
Stalking me? Maybe.
Dark brooding eyes trying to devour me? All the time.

There’s just one little thing…
Wes’s eyes aren’t the only ones on me.
And I think I’ve started a war.


I didn’t ask to be put in this position as I find myself gravitating toward Wes.
He says he’ll protect me from Hidden Creek High.

But who’s going to protect me from him?
WARNING: Hidden Creek High (#hch) is a young adult / new adult series filled with everything you’ve been asking for in a series that’s wild, hot, fun, and crazy… it’s recommended for mature readers because of cursing and ‘certain scenes’ 😉 In other words, if that sh*t bothers, stay away. But seriously… you’re already here, don’t stay away. START READING NOW.


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