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Adrián is totally ruthless, dominant, and obsessed with his sweet Valentina. He’ll do whatever it takes to possess her completely…

Valentina hates me. That doesn’t stop me from kidnapping her, stealing her away for myself.

She was brought into my home when we were teenagers, her virgin body sold to my father to pay a debt. She became the only light in my dark criminal underworld, and I couldn’t help loving her.

Now, ten years have separated us, and I’ve established my reputation as the most notorious, sadistic drug lord on the west coast. I don’t care if she’s grown to hate me.

I’m finally powerful enough to claim Valentina for myself, and no one can stop me.

A decade hasn’t dulled my obsessive need for her. I’ll kill anyone who tries to take her from me.

Valentina was always meant to be mine. Nothing will stop me from possessing her, body and soul.

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Download this forbidden mafia romance, FALLEN PRINCE, for FREE!

He’ll do anything to make my father pay. Including kidnapping me to exact his revenge.

Max Ferrara is a ruthless Mafia prince, a monster out of my worst nightmares, but it’s not his scarred face that makes him a beast. My father, the mayor, sent most of his family to prison. I’m the key to his revenge.

But my innocence sparks his obsession. The chemistry we share is undeniable, and I can’t help being drawn to the damaged criminal who watches me from the shadows.

His pain calls to something deep inside me, and I’m quickly becoming addicted to his dangerous presence in my life. When other bad men threaten me, my possessive stalker proves to be my dark protector.

With every stolen kiss, I fall harder for the man who should be my most fearsome enemy. If our families discover our relationship, we’ll both suffer painful consequences.

Our love could be our ruin.

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My ruthless enforcer is broken, dangerous, and determined to claim me…

The first time I meet Stone Ferraro, it’s hate at first sight, and then he kidnaps me. On his mafia boss’s orders, but still…not a great first impression.

The second time I meet him, he calls me a derogatory name, and I knee him in the balls. Not exactly the sweet social worker look I was going for, but hey, it had to be done.

The third time we meet, it’s over my ex-boyfriend’s—his identical twin brother’s—grave, and he shocks me with a mind-melting kiss.

The fourth time we meet, he takes one look at my belly filled with his dead brother’s baby and declares me his.

His to marry, his to take, his in every way.

The Ferraro crime family’s most ruthless enforcer is broken, dangerous, and here to stay.

And our story only gets crazier—and hotter—from there.

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Lord Greyrose is the name I answer to.
But I’m sure that my exes call me far worse.
As ruthless as they come, I am part of a political dynasty with huge ambitions.
There is no time for scandal in my world.
Then I see her at a gala.
She is beautiful, graceful, and undeniably sexy.
For the first time since my ex left, I am tempted by Ella’s curves.
I have so many reasons not to give in.
But I can only be good for so long before the sinner takes over.

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Ryah Conti’s a mafia princess.

Heir to her family’s crime empire.

Together we’ll destroy anyone in our path.

I love everything about the smart, sassy, relentless, skilled woman.

No one can have her. Only me.

The minute someone attempts to come between us they’ll feel my heartless wrath.

Her father wants her to rule from the confines of his throne. At his side.

I want what she wants to rule the mafia underworld together.


I lied to myself. Said I didn’t have feelings for the bad boy mafia prince.

Everything changed between us one night at a party. We were never the same.

Rocco Andrisani doesn’t see me like some in our ruthless world.

I’m known as the child born to my father and his mistress.

Some believe I don’t deserve to rule his kingdom.

I’ll show them.

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