★EXCERPT REVEAL★ Loner by Ginger Scott!

Take a peek inside 𝐋𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐫 by Ginger Scott! This is a Mature YA frenemies to lovers romance that you won’t want to miss, coming July 7th! Add it to your TBR today!

Goodreads: https://bit.ly/3xQ96qq


My body jolts at the sensation of two hands forcing their way under my arms, wrapping around my shoulders as someone pushes up from the pool’s floor with my body braced against theirs. My instinct is to fight back, then I quickly shift to fighting with my rescuer. An arm moves around my chest, holding me tighter. Legs kick along with mine, the pace manic, and when the surface breaks I gasp. I cough up water and choke as my hands furiously feel for the pool’s edge.

I tear the goggles away from my hair at the side of my face and toss them on the cool deck before lifting up enough to rest my forehead on my hands as I pant and fight to see clearly. Everything is bright, flashes darting in from the edges of my vision. A hand is on my back. It isn’t moving, but it’s steady—warm. Assuring.

It’s . . . Theo’s.

My head rolls to the side, my cheek resting on the back of my hand as I still fight to get more air, coughing . . . blinking.

Theo’s hand falls away.

He’s fully clothed from what I can tell. His polo shirt clinking to his body, his hair slicked with water and dripping in his face before he runs his hand through it then over his face to clear water from his eyes. His eyes bore into me. It’s all I can do to focus on the shape of his face.

I wasn’t ready.

Theo turns so his body is facing the wall and he folds his arms over the edge, dropping his forehead on his knuckles. His breathing is ragged, almost angry.

I’m sorry.

My mouth fights to form the words. I can’t speak, though. I’m too lost.

Theo saved me. I was being stupid. Swimming alone.

Swimming at all.

“F*ck,” he utters.

I blink away the water drying on my eyelashes. My hands are frozen on the edge of the pool. My body is as taut as a stick. My lungs hurt.

“Thank you.” My voice is a rough whisper, but it’s audible. At least I think it was. Theo must have heard me. He turns his head, and our eyes meet.

More air fills my lungs and my vision clears.

I’m so sorry. For everything.

Several seconds pass, wordless ones, until Theo abruptly lifts himself from the pool, his pants clinging to his legs, his feet in socks but no shoes. I scan the pool deck and see them tossed off to the side. A second later Theo picks them up along with his backpack. He turns to walk backward a few steps toward the exit. His body shivering, his clothes ruined, his eyes full of anguish and fury—it should have been him who was there that night. He would have saved everyone. He would not have failed.

His mouth opens and I brace myself to be scolded, but instead of speaking, he merely tightens his jaw and pulls his lips in tight before looking down at his feet and the puddle forming around him. Then he turns around and pushes through the doors to leave me alone once again.

About the book:

Theo Rothschild wasn’t a bad boy, but he wasn’t quite good either. And shy Lily Beachem was content admiring the hottest guy at Welles Academy from the comfort of her quiet corner. Until Lily’s best friend, Theo’s sister, decided two lonely souls should be together.

And maybe she was right.

Theo and Lily felt something that night they sat awake and talked for hours under the cover of the woods and a blanket of stars. But when tragedy struck their small, elite East Coast boarding school, robbing them of friendships and any hope of a normal life, being alone became the only thing that made sense.

But sometimes the deepest bonds are forged through pain, and for Theo and Lily, holding on to the threads of their connection might do more than ease their broken hearts. It may finally make them whole.

Find more books by Ginger Scott here: http://www.littlemisswrite.com

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