Bet the Farm is FREE!!!

It’s time for your next Staci Hart Hot Boy Summer FREEBIE!! Are you ready? Starting today till Sunday, July 3rd, Bet the Farm is FREE and looking sexy with this summertime Hot Boy cover 🥵🥵🥵

If you haven’t met Olivia & Jake, this is the perfect weekend read.

Grab it now! –>

🐄Broody farmhand
🐄 Lactose intolerant city girl
🐄 Baby cows
🐄 Hayloft kisses
🐄 Goats in pajamas
🐄 Enemies to Lovers
🐄 Second Chance romance
🐄 Sweet, sweet heat

Grab your copy ASAP before the sale ends (free through Sunday)!!

PS love the summertime Hot Boy covers?? They’ll be coming in paperback to Staci’s book shop in early July. Keep an eye out for details 📚

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