99c PRE-ORDER!!! HOLLYWOOD HUMBUG, A Christmas Anthology!


HOLLYWOOD HUMBUG, A Christmas Anthology!

Everyone loves a Heartwarming Christmas Movie… 

Snowball fights in the fresh fallen snow, steaming mugs of cocoa, you’ve seen the movies. Boy meets a girl, they work together on a festival or a tree lighting, and love wins in the end, no matter how impossible it might seem. 

But when the president of Heart and Soul Studios calls this particular cast and crew in for one last movie before Christmas, it’s humbug all the way.

They’d rather do Scrooge impressions than holiday romances.

Despite their grumpy moods and bad attitudes, Christmas magic still happens. 

Preorder Now for 99 cents


Kat BaxterKarla DoyleAndie FenichelFern FraserElyse KellyKylie MarcusMatilda Martel, Violet Rae, Nichole Rose, Stella Lang, and Elle Christensen

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