FREE for a Limited Time! Navy SEAL Romance!

Open Secret (Surrender to Fate Book 1)

A secret crush on her Navy SEAL neighbor steamy romance!

Everybody knows I have a crush on my next-door neighbor
Nobody, including me, can explain why I can’t manage to even say hello to the guy
A kind man calling himself Fred finds my confession and offers to help me out
Now my tough Navy SEAL neighbor is saying I’m his?

I never feel like I’m really home until I see my neighbor’s cutesy cottage
Now that I know how she feels about me I can’t stop thinking about her
How did I ever think staring at her front door would be enough?
She’s mine – and convincing her of that just became my top priority mission

If you like instalove short reads with safe, steamy love scenes, no cliffhangers, and hot, take-charge heroes, this is for you.

Free for a limited time! Amazon

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