FREE!!! Small Town Summer collection!

So much steamy small town romance fun!!

SEVEN FREE romances! But only for the month of July!

There’s nothing like summer in a small town! 

Unless it’s falling in love in summer in a small town! 

Seven of your favorite small town authors are giving you seven steamy romances to make your summer nights sizzle! 

Beauty and the Bayou from Erin Nicholas 
Reckless Memories from Catherine Cowles 
Ember in the Heart from Samantha Young 
Southern Heart from Natasha Madison 
Lost Love from Kelly Elliott
Southern Pleasure from Kaylee Ryan 
Out of the Gate from Elsie Silver 

All for free! 

But it’s only for a limited time! So grab this special Small Town Summer collection now!

FREE but for this month only!

Get it now!

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