Welcome to Medieval England, where WARRIOR BRIDES are born and bred!

This bundle contains four FULL LENGTH novels – over a thousand pages of Medieval pageantry from the Queen of Medieval Romance. Purchase the bundle or read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited! Romance, adventure, and unforgettable characters that aren’t to be missed!

Ladies in Medieval England weren’t shrinking violets. They fought battles, managed castles, managed their men, and shaped a nation. They were formidable in so many ways, but to the men in their lives, they were the rock that kept them sane and strong. These women were warriors not only in their fortitude, but in their hearts as well, and the love of a warrior woman was something all great men dreamt of. This WARRIOR BRIDE-themed bundle contains:

Lady of the Moon: A lady bandit, known as Lady of the Moon, is terrorizing the roads leading in and out of Cornwall until the right man tames her… or is it the other way around?

Tender is the Knight: The sister of the hero is a formidable knight in her own right. No one tangles with Charlotte d’Vant and lives to tell the tale… until a knight who has long-adored her makes his feelings known.

Unending Love: Adalind de Lohr de Aston has been in love with the same knight since childhood. When Adalind is kidnapped by a man she once considered a friend, the de Lohr warrior blood comes forth and she becomes the warrior she was born to be.

Dark Warrior: Dera MacRohan’s family are loyal to the English, but little do they know that she is an Irish rebel. When the going gets rough, Dera gets tough in this Medieval epic.

Get this limited edition collection before its gone!

Warrior Brides bundle: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B5YMY9FH

Read the first four books in de Wolfe Pack Generations, all in one collection!

In days of old, oral traditions were often passed down in song, soft strains of heroes and warrior poets. Welcome to the world of Historical Romance like no other, where chivalrous knights and smart, strong heroines take you through great adventure and great passion. Enjoy the first four books in the de Wolfe Pack Generations series in this limited edition collection.

This collection contains:

WolfeHeart: A young knight and an older woman sizzle in this passionate romance. Bring on the cougar! A USA Today bestseller!

WolfeStrike: A widowed knight, a lovely woman, and two very strange sisters comprise this complex and romantic tale. A USA Today bestseller!

WolfeSword: A Holt Medallion finalist for 2021. A gorgeous knight and a lady with less than perfect looks collide in this unforgettable romance. A USA Today bestseller!

WolfeBlade: A perfect de Wolfe knight and a lady with a big, nasty secret find love and conflict in London and the Scottish borders. A USA Today bestseller!

De Wolfe Pack Generations Books 1 – 4: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B5YP9HFL

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