Love on the Cape is FREE!!!

Living in the past is easy… 

But it’s a slippery slope. 

Larkin Sinclair has made the hardest promise to keep of all…restart her life and find happiness.

But hard turned to impossible when she heard the news. Plans were being developed for the Cape that would strip every last ounce of will she had left to move on, and she feared the worst. Why exactly was the decidedly growly Ryker Van Buren determined to ruin the only place that connected her to the love of her life? 

Ryker had a vision and a mission. It was time for the estate from his childhood to finally pay a long overdue debt and what better way to secure his future than by selling off his past? Until he locks eyes with the passionate conservationist who fights him at every turn for the rights to his legacy. He can’t keep his hands off her, but worse, he can’t get her off his land or out of his dreams.

Is there something deeper going on? 

A moment of spark and their lives may never be the same. 

But, it isn’t going to be easy. The past has a way of ruining everything…especially the future.

Will they lose their chance at forever?


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