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I love to skateboard but hate the attention. It’s hard to stay under the radar when I’m the only girl at the skatepark, especially when I’m better than the guys. Not every guy though.

Early one morning I find myself alone at the park with none other than Beckett Steele, world champion. Now his attention I don’t mind one bit, and I crave more of it. That’s until he blows me off as soon as he learns I’m seventeen to his twenty-five. Whatever, it’s for the best. I could never handle hanging out with a famous guy like him.

When someone posts a video of me skateboarding that goes viral, Beckett’s best friend offers me an opportunity I never saw coming. It would pull me into the world of sponsorships, competitions, and social media frenzy. A world where Beckett Steele is front and center. I’m not cut out for that kind of pressure, and taking it on could ruin the sport I love. Am I willing to risk it if it means getting closer to Beckett?

Start the addicting, edge of your seat romance for free now!

Brazen Rush – FREE

Brazen Steele – 99 cents

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