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The ice-cold one, Miss Vermeal, in her pale blue silk dress, with diamonds at her ears, wrists, and neck, checked herself before she rolled her eyes at Miss Bartholomew, but James saw her smirk even if it was not visible to others. Her eyes were revealing, he thought as she turned to look at him, as if she knew he saw her subtlety and didn’t care. He was of little value and certainly of no consequence. He would like to show her his consequence, he thought, the bawdy comment ringing in his head. He could not deny that she was alluring. 

“Would you care to dance, Miss Bartholomew?” Williams asked.

The woman cast a coy glance at James before turning to Williams with a smile and fluttering lashes. “It would be my honor, Mr. Williams.”

“Mrs. Pendergast,” Dundermore intoned. “With your husband’s permission, would you be so kind as to grace me with your hand for the dance floor?”

James caught Alexander’s pursed lips and raised brows and hid a smile. As if Alexander could stop Elspeth, or any of his sisters, if they really wanted to do something. Alexander would have said just that when Elspeth replied. 

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Holly Bush writes historical romance set in the U.S.in the late 1800’s, in Victorian England, and an occasional Women’s Fiction title. Her books are described as emotional, with heartfelt, sexy romance. She makes her home with her husband in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.


Website: https://hollybushbooks.com/

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