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Welcome to Devil’s Crossing.

Here monsters don’t hide in the shadows. They aren’t made of myth and magic either. Normal men are the things that go bump in the night, and I am the most dangerous of them all.

I am vengeance wrapped in a pretty package, but you can call me Sin, everyone else does. I’m a ghost made of flesh and blood. Legally, I don’t exist. Sold into slavery as a child, I exist as nothing more than a weapon, bringing death where the boss of our underground syndicate directs me.

Until the night Raven walks into the moonlight. She haunts me with her innocent beauty, showing me the life I’ll never have. One where blood isn’t caked under my nails, and hiding bodies wasn’t one of the top skills on my resume.

She shouldn’t be here. She’s too pure for the evil in this house, but she belongs here more than I do. After all, she’s the princess, and this is her father’s kingdom. He stole my identity, my future, and someday he’ll take my life.

Before he does, I’ll take something from him. Her.

I might be bad for her, but her father’s world is worse. I’m exactly who she needs to escape it.

Unless I break her first.

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