To pay my father’s debt, I must become an unwilling pawn in a mobster’s cruel, twisted game.

Avion’s father has made a fatal mistake. 
He borrowed money from me – the most infamous loan shark in the city. 
Unlike my competitors, I always follow up on my debts. 
Even if they lay with the governor. 
But when I notice his stunning daughter, I think of another way her worthless father can repay me. 
Maybe Avion is exactly the woman I’ve been looking for. 
Now all that’s left to do is make her submit. 

He’s tall, dark, handsome and tatted – everything my mother warned me about in a man. 
On her dying bed, my mom made me promise to be a good girl. 
Unfortunately for me, my new owner has something else in mind. 
But I refuse to break for the man who ruined my life. 
No matter how attracted I am to him, he is the one who destroyed my life. 
And I’d rather die than be his willing toy. 

Dark Desires is a standalone dark, mafia romance.


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