FREE!! MISTER SEXY PANTS by Lauren Blakely!


Dive into MISTER SEXY PANTS and get to know Lauren Blakely’s sexy, charming, totally off-limits hero, Milo! This free prequel introduces you to Milo and Veronica and launches her new series, The Dating GamesMISTER SEXY PANTS is NOT included in the eBook or audio of THE VIRGIN NEXT DOOR, but you can get it free on all ebook retailers and in audio and PDF now!

Get MISTER SEXY PANTS for Free Here!


You don’t have to read MISTER SEXY PANTS to enjoy THE VIRGIN NEXT DOOR, but you’ll likely enjoy this story before the story!


Note to self: When meeting a hot, flirty guy be sure to, ya know, get his name.

It might be helpful if you want to see the guy again.

Or, maybe try writing an anonymous s-e-x column about him and see if that gets his attention, starting it like this…

Hello, Mister Sexy Pants. Let me tell you about my fantasies.

MSP AUDIO_Small.jpg

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Audio and Paperback Lovers!

Audio Listeners – Vanessa Edwin and Teddy Hamilton narrate this steamy, mistaken-identity romantic comedy, and you can listen to this prequel now by going here!

Paperback Readers – Get your copy of MISTER SEXY PANTS here!

Listen or Read for Free Here!

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