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The Bradleys: A Jewel Lakes Series Duet

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The chemistry between them is easy to resist… so long as they stay on the phone.


My favorite client is the gruff, sexy carpenter I speak with on the phone every day. Talking to Logan is easy—we’re basically best friends. But that’s all we can ever be.


I’m a man of simple pleasures. I love a mug of piping hot coffee on my porch. The curl of wood under my plane. A woman I’ve never actually met. And can never have.


I never wanted to love again. Until love came knocking on my door.


After losing my wife, the only thing I wanted to do was raise my eight-year-old daughter and get through the day in one piece. Then my neighbor Morgan appeared on my doorstep with a favor to ask. My sexy, sweet, lovely neighbor. Suddenly I’m shocked to find the haze in my brain lifting. Feelings I thought were long gone aren’t just reawakening—they’re burning like a yule log.


My life is a mess. Since my divorce, I’ve been scrambling to stay in Jewel Lakes—and to keep the lights on with my fledgling (read: failing) pottery business. The last thing I need is to catch feelings for the gorgeous widower next door. But there’s something about his sad eyes and warm heart that has me melting.

Heath and Morgan are both hurting. Could cozying up over the holidays be the thing that heals them both?

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