The Hitman: A Mafia Romance is FREE!!!

She was the daughter of my worst enemy.

I was the hitman hired to take her out.

She was broken, frightened, and guarded, and the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. I vowed then and there to take away her fears and keep her safe. But she lied to me, giving me a fake name before she disappeared from my sight.

The contract that hit my phone gave me her true identity and a second chance at finding her. Hunting her down was no easy feat, but leaving her alone wasn’t an option. It wasn’t just my family of hitmen I needed to protect her from, it was the man who wanted her life.

Digging into the past revealed secrets so dangerous they put all our lives at risk. For me, she was worth it. For love, it was a chance I would take. But would I be enough to save her, or would our pasts tear us apart?

Get it FREE!

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