A Wylder Mountain Heroes Novella


When an injury ended my dancing career, I thought my life was over.

A solo trip into the mountains was meant to help me get some perspective.

To think about what I want next out of life.

On my way in I’m blocked by a forest fire, throwing a blazing wrench into my plans.

A wrench in the form of a tall, hunky savior.

I may never dance onstage again.

But tonight, I only want to dance for him.

Ready for a whole new band of mountain men?
These alpha heroes might dwell in the shadows of the Wylder Bluffs, but when duty calls, they show up.
These are the mountains they call home. The mountains they protect.
And when their sweet, curvy women come for them, they’ll walk through fire to keep them safe, too.

No cliffhangers. No cheating. HEAs guaranteed.

Get Your Copy Now!

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