She’s building her career undercover. And her prime suspect wants her in his boardroom and his bedroom.

From the moment we meet, I’m a goner.

Her slender fingers slip into mine and hot damn. I’m not even sure where to look first.

Sydney Frost is all-natural, with glossy pale pink lips, a rosy blush to her cheeks, and an alluring chilly demeanor.

A challenge.

It’s official. I’m in lust.

I’m in way too deep by the time I discover our problem.

She’s not really my new co-worker. She’s undercover with the FBI.

And I’m her prime suspect.

Chasing Frost, the fifth book in the West Side series, is a steamy, enemies-to-lovers, sometimes funny, sometimes suspenseful, contemporary romance featuring a smart, dedicated heroine and the sexy bad boy who steals her heart. 

*Chasing Frost is a standalone romance and the books in the West Side Series can be read in any order.

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Sarah Gillespie is in Hell.

Two years of living under the thumb of a sociopathic killer will do that to a woman. But her sacrifices are worth it, if they save the lives of the two people she loves most in the world—her brother, Sean, and Navy SEAL Brett Taggart. But when her world explodes, exposing all her lies and hard choices, the consequences are horrific. And the resulting fallout sweeps up the two men she’s sacrificed everything to protect.

Brett (Tag) Taggart’s last two years have been hell.

The woman he’d expected to spend his life with ditches him to return to her hinky ex—a fellow special operator who raises one red flag after another. The teammates he depends on to watch his six turn on him in their stampede to take sides in Sarah’s Navy SEAL love triangle. And the wedding of the woman he loves—to a f@cking psychopath—is marching closer every day. But when Sarah is kidnapped minutes before walking down the aisle, it’s all hands on deck to rescue her.

The resulting disclosure of her secrets and lies leaves Tag reeling, unable to forgive or forget her choices. But when their positions are suddenly reversed and Sarah is taken, he’ll do anything—sacrifice everything—to get her back.

And suddenly the world isn’t so black and white anymore.


Reardon Lewis is a small-town lawyer in Cherry Springs, the place where he and his cousins grew up. With the body of a Viking and the heart of a geek, Reardon is loyal to his family and indispensable to his community. The only thing missing in his life is love, and it just so happens that the one woman he has always wanted but could never have has just moved to Cherry Springs.

Chloe Zahn is a successful businesswoman, a city girl, and a single mom. The last thing she ever planned to do was move to a small town, but that’s the choice she’s made to bring her son closer to his dad. The only problem? The Lewis family and the obvious disdain they have for her.

The more time Reardon and Chloe spend together, the harder it is to fight their growing feelings for each other. Things between them have always been Too Complicated, but Reardon knows this may be his last chance to win over the woman he’s always dreamed of, complications be damned.

Too Complicated is the second in a small-town romance series by Bethany Lopez. Follow the Lewis cousins as they learn about love and loss in Cherry Springs, the kind of place where there are festivals for every occasion and everyone knows your business.

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I found her when I least expected.

I should have let her go, but I couldn’t.

My world is too dangerous for her.

But she needs the protection only I can give her.

And without her life has no meaning.

For the first time in my life, I’m taking what I want—

consequences be damned.

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We never would’ve crossed paths if not for a fender bender with the wrong truck on the expressway.

After I discover she has business ties to a rival mafia family, I make it my mission to learn everything about her. Keeping her close is simply part of my job.

When one thing leads to another, I give her one warning about my life. She has a one-time chance to walk away from me and the rest of the Marchetti family, no questions asked.She chooses to stay…until all hell breaks loose. Then she runs, and I have no choice but to chase her. Turns out, she’s hiding a little secret of her own.

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Natalie Bishop was just supposed to be a one night stand. Until she steps out of the ocean at my summer home in the Hamptons completely naked.

The minute I see her, I know I can’t walk away.

She claims that she’s just here to watch the house while it undergoes renovations. That she has no interest in rekindling our fire. But every weighted glance says it’s a lie.

I don’t care that I’m Manhattan royalty and she’s the help.

Only that she’s living in my summer home. With me.

And I want more.

Available Aug 1-31

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