99c Romance Suspense BoxSet!!!

A death threat brings him to my doorstep.
I didn’t want or need the grumpy, tatted bodyguard and all his demanding rules.
The jerk is with me 24/7 driving me insane.
Until the night he saves my life.
All I wanted was for him to leave.
Now I’m willing to beg him to stay.
Not for just for my safety.
Somehow between our constant fighting and angry glares I uncovered the man beneath the rock hard exterior.
And I’m not ready to let him go.
But that might not be my choice to make.
Someone wants me dead.
And they won’t stop until I’m gone.

The More Than a Threat boxset includes all three books in the completed series: More Than a Threat, More Than a Risk, and More Than a Hope. This series is suggested for mature readers due to crass language, many detailed intimate scenes, and violence.

Amazon: https://22df2c9332

Apple iBooks: https://2df2c9332

Nook: https://22df2c9332

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