I never should’ve gotten knocked up by my one night stand…

Dealing with local roughnecks at the bar I waitress at is something I can handle.

Until a rowdy group of bikers tried to kill me. 

Then Drake “The Beast” Cunningham swooped in and saved me. 

I’m nobody’s damsel in distress, but Drake showed up as the protector I didn’t know I needed.

Later that night I “thanked” him for helping me out with my little crisis. 

As ridiculously hot as he is, getting involved with an arrogant prick ex-NFL star like Drake is a bad idea.

And getting pregnant by him is even worse…

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The journey to love isn’t always a path you choose, sometimes it is a risk you must take.

The CIA didn’t care if Agent Victoria Marshal lived or died in an Afghani hell-hole. Yet, she survived each torture session with single-minded determination, but human flesh has its limits. She knew her time was running short.

Jacob King led a privately funded black ops group into that Afghani village to gather intelligence. He didn’t expect to find an American woman. He admired her brave humor in the face of her agonizing injuries. This kind of tough-minded woman was someone Jacob wanted to know, so he asked her for a date…same time, next year.

He checked out of the hospital against medical orders to make that date. The bullet wound he nursed wasn’t going to stop him from meeting the woman who’d haunted his memory. The leggy, blond, bombshell in the red dress who showed up for their date blew his mind.

Bullet wounds and battle scars were something Victoria knew how to recover from, and she had just the place for this sexy-as-sin southerner to rehab. Time, proximity and their natural attraction blossomed into something neither expected.

In a world of shadows, deceit and dangerous covert missions, where people in Jacob’s line of work routinely vanish and living one more day is never a given, Jacob and his men disappear on a mission to rescue another team. To save Jacob and the men of Guardian, Victoria walks back into the profession that nearly killed her, but this time she was playing by her rules.

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A swoon-worthy, small town romance from USA Today Bestselling Author J.H. Croix!

Ginger Sanders believes in happily-ever-after for everyone. Except her. She’s already been married and divorced. She’s bright, brash, beautiful, and very practical. She won’t fall for any man.

Well, until falls at the feet of a ski god—literally.

Cam Nash is the ski god in question—a man of near physical perfection and hot enough to melt the snow on every mountain. A former skiing star, he moved to small town Alaska to escape a painful loss. The last thing on his mind is romance.

Until Ginger takes a tumble in the snow and lands at his feet. Her spark burns so bright, he can’t look away. Two people who aren’t looking for love find themselves falling fast and hard.

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A one night stand pulls Amelia into the world of magicand sexy shifters when she’s unexpectedly mated to the hottest alpha on the West Coast.

Amelia has issues after her ex-boyfriend ruined her life. It’s taken years but she’s managed to pull her life together and now works as an Editor at Ravens Publishing. Because of her past she refuses to date, but the hottest guy she’s ever seen is too charming and sweet to resist.

Kai is the new Alpha of the Blue Mountain Wolf Pack. He’s cleaning up his territory after a decade of bad Alpha’s destroying Portland and the surrounding area. They’ve been dealing with rogue wolves left and right, but there’s one left that has evaded him and his pack at every turn.

Can Kai take down this wolf and still convince Amelia to date him when she doesn’t know anything about the paranormal world?

This is a steamy MF shifter romance. All paranormal books by Emma Dean are connected and sometimes overlap. Welcome to the Council of Paranormals world!

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Prescott Beckham always got what he wanted … with one exception.

Ten years ago I was nothing but a highly functioning brain to the gorgeous Prescott Beckham. We were classmates at Crestview Academy and all he saw in me was a way to get his homework done.
Now? He’s Manhattan’s wealthiest bachelor and is relentless in his pursuit of me.
The stubborn man refuses to take no for an answer.
Just because everyone else falls for his easy charm and smokin’ hot looks, he thinks I will too.
I have some important information for Mr. Beckham.
I am immune to his so-called magnetism. Completely and totally.
Maybe if I keep repeating that mantra, I’ll believe it.
Because I’ve changed. I am not the same person I was ten years ago.
If he wants to keep this up, I only have one thing to say to that.
Bring it on.
And God help me.

Chasing Vivi is a Second Chance, Enemies To Lovers, Stand Alone, Contemporary Romance. If you like your romances with angst, steam, strong women, and a splash of humor, then download a copy of Chasing Vivi today.

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