99c!!! WOLF BITE, final book in the series is on SALE!

Series now complete! Last book, Wolf Bite is only 99c!

A rash of attacks on humans in their territories has one purpose and one purpose only – to cause chaos within the Blue Mountain Pack territory. Newly bitten wolves need a lot of time and care, that is, if they survive.

One of these humans just so happens to be Liam’s mate.

Zoe is a trauma nurse who spent most of her life raising her sister after their mom left. Everything was left to her since their dad had to work two, sometimes three jobs to support them on his own. Zoe took care of their family put herself through the nursing school. Ever since her mom left, Zoe refused to rely on anyone, no matter how lonely she is.

When Liam finds her in the forest with a brand new bite from a wolf shifter, Zoe will have to learn how to rely on someone else again, or lose everything she’s worked so hard for.

Get Wolf Bite for $0.99 Here

Limited time only.

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