The Lawman by Shirley Penick is FREE!!

Sexy sheriff John Beaumont works with his high school sweetheart Maggie Ann Reynolds to determine who is sabotaging her horse rescue ranch. This second chance romance is the first in a series where secrets abound and feelings return.

Sabotage on Maggie Ann’s horse rescue ranch has her reaching for her phone to call the sheriff, John Beaumont. Maggie Ann hasn’t had much interaction with her former high school sweetheart since she returned to the family ranch eight months ago, after her divorce. Her ex having traded her in for a younger woman.

John’s first order of business is to protect the citizens in the northern Wyoming county, but when Maggie Ann calls, he’s out the door in seconds. Determined to protect the only woman he’s ever loved, he needs to delve deep into why someone would be out to get her. Working together to find a motive for the sabotage leads to feelings, long ago buried, resurfacing.

First in series where secrets abound and feelings return, in this second chance romance.

Grab your copy here:

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