99c SALE!!!

What You Take is on sale now through the weekend for only .99! Get it now and dive into the romance of Molly and ‘Sizzle’ Joe Reynolds.

A billionaire, a single mom, a sweet emotional support dog, and a lake of mysterious waters—Can true love strike twice in Steele Valley?

Molly Adams doesn’t believe in limitations—whether in business or the bedroom. No way should men get to have all the fun. What she wants is a good time.

What she receives is a whirlwind romance with ‘Sizzle’ Joe Reynolds, the hottest golf champion on the pro circuit—but the relationship fades too fast. Soon, regrets are the least of her concerns.

When work brings them back together years later, Molly keeps him at arm’s length—despite how good his bare forearms flex while making a perfect stroke. 

Joe takes on the challenge of winning Molly back. He’s come up from behind in golf before and always takes the win, but she proves his toughest opponent yet. 

Now he’s fixing her broken doors, mending her broken heart, drawing baths for her, and being sweet and romantic. And if that won’t do the trick, then maybe the big night he plans at the lake for their reunion will help them put the pieces of their lives back together again.

When too many obstacles land in their path, Joe dives into the eye of the storm to save their love. It’s a big risk he’s willing to take, and he might lose this match.

Or will his A-game have enough sizzle to win Molly’s heart a second time around?

You don’t want to miss the romance in this book!

Get it here: What You Take

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