Get 3 books for 99¢!!!

From New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Nicole Blanchard comes the complete Friend Zone Series featuring three friends to lovers full-length books!

Book 1 – Friend Zone

It started with a kiss. One that never should have happened. Liam was only doing what best friends do—standing up for me. It didn’t mean anything.


Book 2 – Frenemies

The long and short of it: I was f***ed.

The last person I expected to see walk into my classroom was the one woman I’ve wanted for as long as I could remember.

It was just too bad she was the only woman who never wanted me back.

Now that she’s my student, I know that’s one line I can’t cross…no matter how much I want to.

Book 3 – Friends with Benefits

I thought it would be simple. No strings attached sex with someone I trust. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a baseball God and talented in ways that involve his…’bat’.

But what they don’t tell you about having a friend with benefits is how quickly it becomes complicated.

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