Surprise! NY Times bestselling author Lauren Blakely dropped a totally free novella today!

Grab THE BOYFRIEND KICKOFF for free today on all retailers and experience the sexy, angsty, plot-twisty backstory for Jason and Beck! This novella is the story behind the story and you do not want want to miss it before the fiery start of THE BOYFRIEND COMEBACK, a complete standalone novel!

Teddy Hamilton and JF Harding narrate this novella. It’s included in the audio for THE BOYFRIEND COMEBACK, but you can also get it on its own in audio now!

Grab your copy today!

When I finally meet the sexy quarterback I’ve been crushing on, I promise myself I won’t let on that he’s the object of my late-night fantasies.

And when he invites me to a party at his house that night, I swear I won’t drop a hint then either. He doesn’t need to know how curious I am about him, and about myself.

Besides, I need to ask him for help with the media since I’m the other quarterback in town.

That’s my one and only goal.

But when everyone leaves and it’s just the two of us alone in his home, I start to break all my promises…

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