To celebrate the upcoming launch, we have SEVEN book dealios happening this week only! Don’t miss out on these excellent titles. They are ZERO pennies on Amazon.

Baking Me Crazy by Author Karla Sorensen

Stud Muffin by Jiffy Kate https://smartypantsromance.com/books/stud-muffin/

Crime and Periodicals by Author Nora Everly https://smartypantsromance.com/books/crime-and-periodicals/

Street Smart by Author Aly Stiles https://smartypantsromance.com/books/street-smart/

Mad About Ewe by Susannah Nix https://smartypantsromance.com/books/mad-about-ewe/

Key Change by Author Heidi Hutchinson https://smartypantsromance.com/books/key-change/

Neanderthal Seeks Duchess by Laney Hatcher https://smartypantsromance.com/…/neanderthal-seeks…/

Now is the perfect time for you to take these stories for a spin!

Book Sale!

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