Dark Sonata is only 99c!!!

99 cents from the 25th August to the 30th September! Available on Kindle Unlimited.

“Heartwrenching, haunting, toxic, tragic, heartwarming, intense, chilling, obsessive, possessive, passionate and simply beautiful all in one enthralling package.” – Reviewer

“So intense and emotional, Hugh and Simone are so passionate…is frighteningly involved and connected, it’s one of the most different books I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading, it’s delicious!!” – Reviewer


It started with a piano.

A beautiful duet played through the wall of my new apartment in Rome with a neighbor I’d never seen.

Intimate, enthralling, I was fascinated long before I met Simone.

His music moves across my skin in a gentle caress each night. The passion and fury of his concerto gliding over the contours of my body.

But the sweetness of the melody between us holds a deeper, darker, turbulent note. His harmony consumes both my spirit and my mind. Our song is full of heartache that has been playing long before our meeting.

Simone isn’t what he seems.

I’m losing my soul to his music and I’m frightened what will happen when I plunge over the edge.

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