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Damian Savage, the billionaire rockstar with the killer abs. 

Aka THE ultimate dream guy in a six-foot-five, sculpted-chest, freaking macho package. 

Who haunts the dreams of half the female population, ugh! 

He’s also the kind of arrogant, self-important man I avoid, in real life. 

But that smirk of his?—OMG *swoon,* 

So I may have stalked his social media accounts, *don’t judge,* 

A lowly nanny like me? I didn’t feature on his radar at all… 

…Until I run into him at a party. 

And ask him to spend the night with me. 

*what was I thinking?* 

One night shouldn’t matter, right? 

I could then return to my boring life. 

Only it didn’t work out that way. 

Next day I report to my new boss—a gazillionaire who needs a nanny to take care of his child. 

Guess who that turns out to be…? 

I turn down the job, of course; 

So he offers me a million pounds per day to be his *hold your breath* wife. 

What’s a girl to do when faced with a 100% potent growly hunk like him? *gulp* 

Not to mention that I needed the money to pay my debts… 

I say yes. 

Big mistake…

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