3 Books for 99 cents!!!

Cinderella Collection is on sale for 99 cents for a limited time!

Three stories. Three adventures. A twist on characters you love.

Get 3 full novels in this twisted fairytale book bundle. 

Cinderella Assassin – What if your fairy godmother sent you to the royal ball to assassinate the prince, but instead of killing him you fell in love? The royals are imprisoning anyone with fairytale blood to get rid of magic and it gets personal when Elle’s best friend, a smoke sprite, is arrested, and she must find a way to rescue her.

Cinderella Soldier  What if you’ve discovered you’re a fairy princess and want to stay anonymous? To stay away from court intrigue, Elle’s fairy godmother sends her on a mission, but Elle isn’t aware she’d have to fight for the magical artifact.

Cinderella Spy  What if you only want to be with the prince, but love between enemies is impossible? Elle is part of the peace negotiating team, but she can’t risk the treaty for one person no matter how important he is to her heart.

“Cinderella like you’ve never seen her before.” – Books N Coffee Review


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