99c MC Romance!!!

Have you read Evanesce? Find out what is coming in this novella, the first work from KL Savage in 2022!

Only 99c! Shop now

Evanesce is ready to relax without her brother breathing down her neck, but the news she has for Tongue might just kick his fourth of July off with a bang. Between keeping a secret for Daphne and trying to avoid the blonde prospect, this trip to Vegas will be more than she bargained for…

Knix came to Vegas, only keeping to the Kings clubs as he blows around the US. Staying or going, he just wants to make his name known in the club before he moves along to the next. He doesn’t put down roots making the club the only consistent thing he knows. Knix thinks being the new guy is a tough job but it’s nothing compared to the one the NOLA president throws his way.

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