99c SALE! The Captain by Josie Blake!

The Captain by Josie Blake is 99c for today only!

“I will say that this is a MUST READ! You definitely want to go on Cord and Hannah’s journey as it was so wonderfully written. As a lifelong hockey fan I can’t recommend this book highly enough!” – Amazon reviewer

“If you like slow-burn, wholesome sport romance, you definitely need to pick this book up…” – The Filipino Bookworm

“Josie Blake did an amazing job with The Captain, it’s a sweet, swoonworthy sports romance with the added bonus of Cord, a hot hockey heartthrob!” – Goodreads reviewer

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Cord Spellman might be everyone’s Prince Charming, but I’m only his fake Cinderella.

Since my dad died and my mom bailed, I’ve been living in a trailer park, barely making ends meet. I can take care of myself, as demonstrated by my acceptances to a handful of elite music graduate programs. So what if funding my success has meant sacrificing my college social life?

That’s why Cord’s offer is perfect. The hot hockey star has playoffs coming up. He doesn’t have time for girls, especially his cheating ex who’s determined to get back together with him. He needs to focus on his game, so he asks me to divert the attention—as his fake girlfriend.

I pretend to be in love with him and get a taste of the party life before graduation. Cord is free to concentrate on hockey. But when the line blurs between what’s real and what’s fake, can we create our own fairy tale ending?

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