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When tender, twenty-two year old Margaret’s youthful mistake results in tragedy, she’s wracked with guilt and convinced she should face certain death in the colonies. But when the authorities send her to a prison planet instead, she’s relieved to be spared. Joining a herd of hucows on Hathor ensures her life won’t be lonely. And most importantly, she’ll never hurt anyone again.


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Amaya knows her childhood wasn’t normal and so when she reads about the prison planet Hebe where nonviolent criminals can choose to be sent, she’s immediately interested. Hebe sounds like exactly what she wants – she can have a second childhood and still all the fun, sexy parts of being an adult.


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Convicted of embezzlement and facing prison planet exile, Katherine Beck must choose where to serve her sentence. While some destinations within the Allied World are less than hospitable, on Seirios she will enjoy the life of a pampered pet while she’s paying her debt to society.

About Sinistre Ange

COME TO THE DARK SIDE… WE HAVE COOKIES. Sinistre Ange is the alter ego of Golden Angel and explores some of the darker sides of erotica – kink, fetish, supernatural creatures, breeding fantasies, etc. You might find some love in these books, but they are not necessarily romances; the focus is on the fantasy and the physical interactions between characters.

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