They want me to fear him. What if I should fear everyone else instead?

Daniel Mueller ruined my fairytale. Thing is, he’s also the reason I feel alive for the first time in my nineteen years.

It makes no sense that I’m obsessed with a violent drug addict. Then again, nothing makes sense at Madison Academy. See, the world’s a dark place for a girl whose touch triggers an intrusive glimpse into the past and future of those around her. Madison Academy promised to change all that. I promised to let them.

How quickly promises shatter.

All it takes is one impulsive touch, one volatile encounter with the campus bad boy, and enemies become victims, guardians become – I don’t know what. All I know is I’m trapped in a volcanic connection with a troubled junkie who’s rewired my existence. Problem is, he’s not one. Not even close. But I see things others don’t, and now I’m the secret no one saw coming.

A twisted, mind-bending paranormal suspense from Aly Stiles writing as Moira Hale.

** Please note: this book ends in a cliffhanger that continues in CURSED, Gifted Vol 2.

This series is dark romance and contains adult themes, including violence and torture, that are inappropriate for younger readers.

$0 from Oct 1-5 at the link below!

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If Cinderella were a college student, this football player might be her Prince Charming …

Lance Kane has a reputation. You know the kind—he’s hot, popular, and doesn’t take the same girl out more than twice.

And for some reason she can’t figure out, Abby has caught his attention.

She’s everything he’s not—a wallflower who’d rather be alone than at the party where she literally ran into him, emptying her drink on them both.

But when he offers her an escape from the party she doesn’t even want to be at, she’s not about to turn him down.

What should only be one night of innocent fun soon turns into a summertime romance for the ages. Despite their determination to keep their relationship casual and light, real feelings develop on both sides.

The problem is, like Cinderella, there’s a ticking clock counting down the days until the fairy tale will all be over. What will happen to them when the proverbial clock strikes midnight?

If you love opposites attract romances with hot football players and snarky heroines that give you all the feels, download Summer Fling today!





Love Runs Deep by Claire Wilder

Previously titled Property Lines/Her Property

She’s everything I don’t want. But she might just be everything I need.
When I move home to rebuild my family’s defunct summer camp in my brother’s honor, I thought the biggest thorn in my side would be my a-hole neighbor, who’s suing me over an old property line issue. Then I meet the employee he sent to spy on me: a gorgeous, sexy, and brilliant big-city lawyer who I meet when she catches me taking a stress-relieving dip in the lake. In the nude.

The last thing I need is getting tangled up in anything related to the lake house next door. But the more I get to know Cat, the more she begins to unravel everything I keep locked up inside—being with her is the only thing that’s come close to easing my sense of responsibility for what happened to my brother.

But if flirting with the enemy is bad, sleeping with her is worse. And falling for Cat could mean the end of the camp, my promise to my brother, and my heart.

Grab it!

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