Riley Lawson moves to Hollywood for work, and gets caught up in a brief love affair with a former TV star, Eliza Jones. 
The fling ends when he discover Eliza’s married and Riley vows never to sleep with a client again.

Everything changes when he meets Marisa, a beautiful young actress, and their attraction is immediate. But his excitement gets shattered when his aunt tells him Marisa is Eliza Jones’stepdaughter and completely off-limits. Can Riley stay away from the forbidden fruit?

Find out in Hollywood Hunk, a captivating romance from USA Today bestselling author, M. S. Parker.


After Matt Harris’s grandfather passes away, an unexpected stipulation was announced at the reading of his will. Matt must get married and produce an heir before he turns thirty. If not, the entire family will lose their inheritance.

The solution to Matt’s plight comes by happenstance late one night, when he stumbles upon a distraught employee.

A connection is sparked and Matt realizes Charlene may be the perfect fake wife.


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