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Massimo Domenico Sovrano is arrogant, mean, full of swagger and oh so hot. 

Mafia Bride, a deliciously-hot dark mafia standalone romance from bestselling author L. Steele is 99 PENNIES for a limited time only! 

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“You’ve got to stop trying to escape me.” He chuckles.
“I’m not trying to escape; I’m trying to leave.”
“From where I am, it looks like you’re trying to run because you are scared of what you’re going to find out if you stay.” 

Massimo Domenico Sovrano is arrogant, mean, full of swagger and oh so hot.
As one of the most feared gangsters in Italy, he can have any woman he sets his sight on.
But for some reason he wants me.
The chemistry between us is off the charts.
So I sleep with him on our very first meeting.
Only, he breaks my heart.
Which is why I lie to him. I tell him I am in love with someone else.
I turn my back on him and decide to focus on my fledgling career as an actress.
Now he’s back in my life.
Only problem?
He’s engaged to my sister…

Full-length love to hate to love mafia billionaire stand alone romance filled with heightened tension, hate filled looks that turn to longing when the other person is not watching; plus one bossy mafia guy who might stop glowering enough to realize he’s hopelessly in love… with the wrong (right!) firecracker of a woman. 1-Click NOW.

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