☠๑NEW RELEASE๑☠ 💜Worth the Trouble💜 by Jessica Ames!


இ ☠️WORTH the TROUBLE.☠️ இ

Series: Royal Bastards MC


Author: @JLLeslie

Cover Designer: Lucian Bane Graphics


Universal Link:https://books2read.com/u/3RLokR


The nightmare is far from over. New players emerged, proving the trafficking ring we took down is much bigger than we realized. The Souls of Satan were only a small piece of the puzzle. It’s been hell putting together the jagged pieces. Figuring out where they all fit.

She doesn’t fit in the puzzle.

She’s jagged…that’s for sure. But no matter how much she believes she’s like the other girls, she simply doesn’t fit. They had no one looking for them. No one who cares. But she did.

I saved her. And she hates me for it.


They took me. Stole me as if I’m nothing. I wanted to stay gone. Disappear forever. I don’t deserve to live, have happiness. The hell they put me in was the perfect place for me.

Then he showed up. He lifted me into his arms, carried me away. Brought me back to a reality I’d rather forget. He makes me remember what I was like before…who I used to be…before I lost everything.

All I want to do is forget.

He says I’m trouble. I disagree. I’m not the one with all the power. 

He has it. And I can’t allow myself to believe he just might be worth the trouble.

*Worth the Trouble is the third installment in the RBMC world. It is a standalone with HEA but does reference characters and events from the previous books. It contains adult content, adult language, violence, sexual content, and has possible sensitive triggers. It is intended for mature readers only.*

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