Pre-Order Now for 99c!!!

Playing his fake girlfriend is spelled out in our contract. Playing with my toy while he watches… definitely not part of the contract!

A contract.
Everything spelled out in black and white – what could go wrong?

The billionaire playboy gets a girlfriend and I get what I want, no, what I need!

An opportunity to be the new face of a plus-size swimwear brand slides into my DM’s, but there’s one huge problem. The photos must be taken in a tropical location and I live in Texas, the opposite of tropical.

Who knew Billionaire Porter Greene was on the Holidates App looking for a fake girlfriend to take to his sister’s wedding in Cancun, Mexico?

I’ll be his fake girlfriend!

Our contract states NO S.E.X., but kissing is perfectly okay. One kiss from Porter Greene with the cute little scar above his eyebrow makes my heart flutter,

When Porter finds the v!brator my sister snuck into my cosmetics case he amends the contract and makes a new rule…

I can’t use the toy unless he watches. Nope. No Way.

But it turns out that Porter Greene isn’t the playboy I thought he was and having him watch might be more fun than I thought.

Pre-Order Now!

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