He was a liar. 

I was a coward.

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From Amazon Bestselling Author, Ashley Munoz comes an angsty- standalone-small town romance.  

He was a liar. 

I was a coward. 

At age fourteen the boy who wrote me secret notes stole my heart. 

The cunning thief that he was, he had convinced me we were soul mates. 

Or so I thought.  

At eighteen he shattered my heart.  

I didn’t know that kind of pain existed and I didn’t stick around for anyone to witness it.  

Five years after running away, I’m returning home as a married woman.   

Nothing much has changed, including the fact that the boy I once loved, is still here.  

Only now he’s a man who owns a mechanic shop and shows up everywhere I don’t want him to.  

He won’t stop saying the rudest things imaginable.  

Every barb tears through me, like a whip, and in turn, I say the most horrible things right back.  

I hate it.  

I hate him.  

All I want is to lay low and lick my wounds in private.  

But in small-town Tennessee, there isn’t much that stays private. 

Including the lie, he’s clung to and the secret I’m hiding.


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