❤️🖤☠️ New Release 🖤☠️💔 Royal Surprise by Morgan Jane Mitchell!

❤️இ ☠️ Royal Surprise ☠️இ💔

Series: Royal Bastards MC

🔥 Nashville, TN Chapter🔥

Author: Morgan Jane Mitchell

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From USA Today Bestselling Author Morgan Jane Mitchell comes the next installment in her Royal Bastards MC: Nashville, TN Chapter series, Royal Surprise.

Kingpin and Sky are back.

It ain’t easy being the Ol’ Lady of the President of the Royal Bastards MC, but Sky never thought it’d kill her. Especially when she’s pregnant with his only child. Well, it could be his baby. Kingpin said it didn’t matter. Will a surprise left on their doorstep ruin everything? It will. Sky will have to go through hell and back to keep him. But will it work?

At the same time, there’s trouble in paradise. A secret keeps Eve and Hallow apart. Kingpin was right, Eve should’ve lied to her fiancé. Telling him the truth causes nothing but trouble, but Kingpin never should have gotten involved, not when he’s hurting himself. 

Will anything ever be the same at Royal Road again?

This is book #4 and is best read after books 1-3

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✔️ Follow the Royal Bastards MC here: https://www.facebook.com/royalbastardsmcbooks/

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