❤️ NOW LIVE ON KU ❤️ ProtectHER by KL Myers

❝To his enemies, Maxim Gunnar is the Devil. 
But to Evie Walsh, he’s the angel that protects her.❞



✔ Romantic Suspense
✔ Best Friend’s Sister
✔ Forbidden Romance
✔ Second Chance Romance
✔ CIA Agent Hero

One decision can alter the course of your life. Nine out of ten times for the better, but I’m number ten. One decision spun my life on a path I would never have expected, leading me to walk away from everything and everyone, including Evie, the one girl who’d forever hold my heart. I chose a path toward discipline, structure, and accountability as my penance for my selfish actions.

Now, I’m the Devil that looms in the dark. I serve my country by protecting others. I’m the best the CIA has, a face with no name and a man without a future. And I’m certainly not a good man anymore. I live for the rush I feel when I watch the life leave my victims’ eyes.

The last thing I ever expected was to come face to face with my past. When Evie becomes a pawn in a CIA sting operation led by her brother—my best friend—she ends up in the hospital. But they’ve messed with the wrong man. I vow to suck the life out of anyone involved in sending the message to the CIA through her. No one will be left standing when I’m done.

One question remains: how will she react when she finds out I’m still alive and I’m the only one that can keep her safe?

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