MC SALE!! First book FREE!

When you tick off the cops, they want their revenge.
Which is why I find myself laid up in the hospital.
They ran me off the road and caused my motorcycle to wreck.
But thank God for that because when I open my eyes…
I come face-to-face with the most beautiful woman alive.
Sienna is a curvy nurse who knows how to treat patients right.
And since I’m banged up and bruised…
I need a woman like Sienna to make everything feel better.

I’ve been focused on my career for too long.
I almost overlook the handsome man in room twelve.
He’s tattooed, muscular, and everything that turns me on.
But I’m not used to dating or all the stuff that comes with it.
Roman the patient is more than patient with me though.
I’ve only ever had one boyfriend before him.
Figuring this whole dating thing out is new to me.
But I’ve never wanted anything as badly as I want him.

Roman got into a motorcycle wreck that brought him to the ER.
Sienna is a nurse trying not to fall in love with her patient.
But when they get together, sparks are going to fly.

Roman is book three in the Titan’s Rage Motorcycle Club series featuring five standalone steamy romances. While the series is interconnected by the club, you can read the series in any order.

Free thru October 15th

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The entire series is free in Kindle Unlimited, too!

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