99c PRE-ORDER!! Once Upon a Villain Box Set!

Once Upon a Villain – Dark Enemies to Lovers Mafia Novellas Box Set.

Lost Raven(Massimo and EJ): 
Fast cars, booze, and thrills are the only way Massimo can feel alive since he left home. 
When he lands in Atlanta with the mother of all hangovers, he never imagines he would meet EJ Holt, the woman who would put him back on the right track. But is he ready to come home and play the Good Son again? 

Wolf’s Lair (Santino and Luce): 
Luce O’Brien is presented with a choice. Her decision means leaving her childhood home behind to move to New York City. But a betrayal lands her in the middle of a brewing gang war between the Irish and Italians. 

Once Upon a Christmas (Santino and Luce): 
It’s Christmas time in the city. Find out how Luce and Santino are celebrating the holidays as newlyweds. 

Dark Beauty(Enzo and Aurora): 
It’s Enzo’s turn to find love. Though for him, the road to happiness is going to be long and hard. Enzo and Aurora’s enemies to lovers story begins in school, where they both learn that in a mafia world of angels and demons, no one safe. 

Escape My Love (Tyler/Chase and Mia) – Original series Steal My Heart
Mia married her enemy and she couldn’t be happier. For Valentine’s Day, all she wants is a quiet night with dessert and Champagne. In other words, a non-mafia date with her hot husband. Her plans change when a mysterious club owner sends her a dinner invitation–the kind she can’t refuse.

Pre-Order Once Upon a Villain

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