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I had heard stories about women falling in love with their kidnappers, but didn’t think it could happen in real life.

Well, it happened to me… and it wasn’t pretty.

Nico killed the man that my mother was married to.
It was unreal to think that I’d ever fall in love with his killer.
Yes, he was a hitman, but he also did the world a favor by ending that man’s life.
He didn’t deserve to take another breath.
But I deserved to be loved the way that Nico loved me.
I could feel his protection even while we were apart.

It was true that my mother was against our relationship.
I understood why, but my heart would never listen.
Especially when he was the one that showed up when my life was in danger.
Real danger.

And if only I could make it out alive… I’d confess my love for him and never look back.

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