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Say Red, the first book in the Exposed Desires Series of steamy romances is on special offer in the USA and UK from 22nd to 29th October. It’s also available in Kindle Unlimited.


Arrangements Inc – catering to all your secret fantasies – by negotiation, and at a price.

I thought selling myself was a painless way to deal with a painful situation.

He thought buying my time was the best way to scratch his particular kind of itch.

I thought the test that said I belonged on my knees in front of him was hogwash.

He thought he could see right through me, and the test told him all he needed to know.

I thought I was a decent girl doing dirty things for selfless reasons.

He thought paying a fortune for it made it clean and simple.

We were both wrong, on all counts.

We were layers of desires and fantasies slowly revealing themselves to each other – his praise made me weak at the knees, my drive to please him sent his possessiveness into overdrive.

Someone needed to Say Red before we both got burned, and neither of us would say a thing.

SAY RED is the first book in the Exposed Desires Series, where everyone finds out exactly what gets them hot, and how much it will cost them to experience it. Expect plenty of bossy alpha men, steamy exploration, and HEAs in these high heat romances.

Enjoy the first book in the Exposed Desires Series for only 0.99 this week here.


”Follow me, please.” Adam didn’t look back to check that I was obeying

him as he turned away from the entrance and led the way down the steps to

the main living room.

Diaphanous curtains masked the view but the afternoon sun creeping

around the edges hit the industrial style light bulbs that hung from the ceiling

and sent rainbows to dance on the walls. Adam’s bare feet were silent on the

wooden floor. The only noise came from my ballet flats as they tip tapped in

Adam’s wake, making me cringe.

I followed Adam to the huge windows that opened out onto the deck.

We halted by the windows and when Adam looked at me his gaze was now

predatory. Involuntarily I swayed backwards, trying to maintain my own space,

as his energy reached out for me.

Adam smirked. “It’s okay; this is going to be easy, educational even. I’m

not setting you up to fail here.” Despite his reassurances he seemed pleased by

my unease.

He moved even closer to me, and I could smell him, clean skin and

vetiver, like smoke winding through pine trees, like a forest fire, dangerous and


I couldn’t look away, pinned by the silver eyes.

“Good girl,” Adam breathed, and I thought he was going to kiss me

again. Instead, he reached down and wrapped his hand around my wrist. I felt

my pulse jumping against his fingers.

“I’ve been so looking forward to this.” A finger lazily stroked the inside of

my wrist, and something pleased and warm swelled inside me.

“Let’s look at the view.” Adam’s smile was curling and enticing, and

when he pulled at my wrist I allowed myself to be guided over towards the


Dropping my wrist, Adam pulled back the gauzy curtains, and the view

exploded in a kaleidoscope of greens and blues.

“A view nearly as beautiful as you, still taking my breath away.”

I ducked my head, embarrassed.

Adam laughed. “I’ll make you proud of the compliments I give you

before we are done.” Holding my chin he turned me to face him. “Truly,” he

said, his eyes locked with mine, the pale silver glowing in the afternoon light.

“You will learn to take the praise I give you because you will have earned it.” I

couldn’t tear my eyes away. “I will make you earn it, and then I will reward


Adam took my right hand and turned it over, stroking the palm and

making me shiver. I wore the plain white shirt I had worn this morning along

with a pair of high waisted wide leg pants. Adam reached for the cuff of my

shirt and under it, carefully rolling it back to my elbow.

“Forearms are very underrated,” he said as he lightly ran his fingers

down the sensitive skin on the inside of my arm, causing my chest to tighten.

With equal care, he did the same with my other arm, rolling the sleeve

up. Then he cupped my elbow, and his long fingers drummed lightly on the

sensitive skin on the inside of the joint. My breath hitched. How could such an

innocuous touch be so erotic?

“So responsive,” Adam breathed, “Oh, you are going to be a joy. Turn

and face the view for me.”

I didn’t hesitate, I turned to face the glass, looking out at the steep valley

falling away in front of me.

Adam moved behind me. “Put your hands on the window, just above

shoulder height, lean on it,” he instructed.

The glass was cool under my palms when I leaned my weight onto my


“That’s it, that’s good, just look at the view.” Adam pressed up behind

me. I could feel his breath on my neck and the heat of him through my thin

shirt. “Are you ready to scene with me, Rebecca? Is everything good with


“Yes, I’m good. Yes, I’m ready.”

Adam snaked an arm around my waist, his hand pressed against my

stomach. It made me feel small, powerless, as I felt his biceps flex against the

curve of my breast and his forearm like a belt across my body.

Then Adam’s other hand was at my throat, the touch light, stroking the

skin from my open shirt collar to my jaw, nails scratching over the delicate skin.

I squeezed my eyes shut as Adam’s large hand spanned my throat, his

fingers under my jaw. He held my breath in the palm of his hand.

I swallowed, and I felt my throat move against Adam’s hand.

Adam’s long legs bracketed mine, holding me in place, and I could feel

every breath he took against my back.

Adam’s touch was possessive, all encompassing, and I found myself

sinking into it. I couldn’t find it in myself to open my eyes. All I was aware of

was Adam’s firm touch, and then his voice in my ear.

“I’m going to make you needy, make it so every touch I give you is

something you beg for.”

Adam’s voice was like a warm bath. I felt as though I floated in it, quiet

and still, so I could hear every word that dripped into my ear.

“I get off on your desire, on holding your arousal and your completion in

my hands.”

I tried to open my eyes, but they seemed strangely heavy. The view in

front of me was just smears of colour through my heavy lidded gaze. My whole

focus was on Adam, the press of his body against my back, one hand around

my throat, the other slipping lower on my abdomen, stroking lightly.

“Are you wet yet, Rebecca?” Adam asked, and I knew I was. I got wet

while I waited for him, anticipation riding me, by now I knew my pussy would

be slick and ready, just like it had been at my interview. When I forced my eyes

wider and looked down I could see Adam’s hand pressed against low on my

stomach, his fingers splayed inches from my centre, hidden under layers of



“Why are you wet?”

“I don’t know.” When I spoke, I felt my words vibrating under Adam’s

hand around my windpipe. I had never responded to anyone in this way

before, but then nobody had touched me this way before.

“I think you are kinkier than you realise.” Adam’s voice was full of dark

promise. “In fact I know you are, and I get to bring all those buried fantasies to

the surface for you to blush at.”

I swallowed again.

“I want to spank you, see you shiver and arch those lovely curves just to

be good and stay still for me.”

I sighed at the thought, and felt my pussy clench.

I could feel the hard length of Adam’s cock pressed against my ass

through his jeans. I felt a surge of pride that Adam was turned on too.

“In the days to come I’m going to fuck your mouth, Rebecca. I’m going

to tease your clit until you scream. I’m going to spend hours tormenting your

nipples, biting them, sucking them, making them swollen and sensitive and you

are going to get wetter and wetter for me. If I come in your mouth, you will

thank me. If I slap your face afterwards your pussy will flood because you will

be excited to take what I give you.”

I drowned in the images Adam’s voice painted. A craving that I didn’t

dare look at too closely rose within me. I pressed my palms harder against the

slick glass of the window, and I pressed back against Adam’s body before my

hips flexed, as I tried to get some friction on my needy clit.

“I love this part,” Adam said. “I get to see you tremble and get wet and

fidget, knowing that soon I’m going to do all the things that are making your

panties so damp and sticky right now.”

“Adam,” I whispered, and I didn’t know why I spoke.

“I’m going to tie you, Rebecca; I’m going to bind you to my bed and

tease you until you cry. I’m going to teach you to buy your pleasure with

obedience.” Adam’s fingers stroked over my abdomen. A single finger wormed

between the buttons of my shirt, sipped down and found my navel, and

rubbed circles around it. “I am going to fuck you, but that is something you will

have to earn, and the price is high.”

“How high?” I was shocked at the high timbre of my own voice, shocked

that I had even spoken.

“Wait and see.” Adam’s fingers slid lower, slipping along the high

waistband of pants, dipping under a little. “All you need to know is that when

you have paid it I will praise you. I will worship you, because you will deserve


I groaned, and my back arched. My ass pressed against Adam, my head

fell back against Adam’s shoulder but my hands didn’t leave the glass. I could

feel the stretch in my arms, the pull in my waist, the ache inside me.

Light and searching Adam’s deft fingers undid the buttons on my pants

and slowly slid inside. His breath was hot on the side of my face and his hand

at my throat held me together.

I couldn’t wait for him to touch me between my legs.

“You are so beautiful,” Adam’s voice was dark molasses. “Now, let’s see

how you look on your knees.”

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