TWO FREEBIES!! The Mafia Rogues Series by Quinn Marlowe!


If you love mafia romance, sexy suspense, and happily-ever-afters, don’t let The Mafia Rogues Series by Quinn Marlowe get away.

You can download Her Romeo and Her Hero absolutely FREE now!



Sloane Brennan. Daughter of the Irish mob, my one-time best friend… and the forbidden fruit I’m not allowed to have.

I tasted her once. Years ago, when we accidentally reunited in LA.

She was delicious, in case you were wondering. But I thought it was a one-time thing.

Until my father gave me my new mission. Kidnap Sloane. Take her to Italy. Turn her over to the man who’s going to hold her as collateral against her father.

Suddenly she’s in my sphere again. Her smell. Her sharp tongue. That bright red hair that I want to tangle my fingers in as I shove her against the wall and have my way with her.

I can’t do that, of course. My job is transporter. But when it turns out that everything isn’t as simple as it seems, I find I have a choice to make: Do what my father has ordered me to do and leave her in Italy.

Or take the girl I can’t get out from under my skin… and run.

About Quinn:

Quinn Marlowe is a fan of red wine, cheesecake, perfect hash browns, and really good punk rock. She’s also obsessed with everything piratical—though she refuses to acknowledge any actual connection to pirates. She studied English and Film at UCLA and, when forced to choose a career, chose publishing rather than teaching or being a filmmaker. Quinn lives in San Diego with her husband, dogs, and far too many cats.

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