99c EACH! Two Fantastic Book Bundles!

A bundle of Highlander and Scottish Romance you’ll not soon forget!

Welcome to the world of Medieval Scotsmen… powerful, cunning, skilled, and sexy. And don’t forget the red hair! From the sweeping Highlands of Scotland to the borders of Wales and beyond, join the Scotsmen and their fiery women for Medieval adventure and passion that is sure to please.

This bundle contains:

The Red Lion – A Highlander finds love, battle, and betrayal on the Welsh Marches.

The Red Fury – A Scots mercenary of noble birth is bent on vengeance… but will love get in his way?

Deep Into Darkness – The Red Lion and his wife, a Welsh warrior woman, find a spooky Scottish castle with a dark secret.

he Highlander’s Hidden Heart – When a Highlander makes a promise, it cannot be forgotten… or can it?

Bonus chapters: Read bonus chapter from BAY OF FEAR!

Enjoy these tales in this special limited edition collection – for purchase or read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

The Red Highlanders Collection: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BK5CTH2T

Never judge a bride by her habit… or a nun by her vows.

Nothing speaks more strongly of romance than a woman resigned to facing a life a religious servitude suddenly finding herself with a suitor… and a soulmate.

Medieval Historical Romance has never been more surprising, intense, or sexy. In this four-book collection, you’ll discover the good, the very bad, and the passionate of knights and their nunnery brides. This is a spectacular collection for all lovers of Historical Romance – loves, and couples, such as these transcend all genres.

Want to be ‘in love’ with love? This collection is for you!

This bundle includes:

Dark Steel – a new duke and his nunnery bride discover subversion, politics, and each other in this memorable tale.

Nighthawk – de Wolfe’s greatest son finds an abducted postulate – and his destiny – in this sweeping romantic epic.

By The Unholy Hand – Assassins find themselves in the position of preventing the death of a king with the help of a novice nun in this can’t-put-down romantic feast.

Devil’s Dominion – A brutal knight bent on revenge for the death of his family raids an abbey for a hostage… and finds love instead of hatred.

Read this limited-edition collection for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Nunnery Brides Collection: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BK5D681H

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