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A Snowflake Kiss for Lady Sophie
Lady Sophie has arranged the perfect match…

Her husband-to-be is a handsome earl in need of the sort of dowry she can provide. All that’s left is to attend to her aunt’s Christmastide house party and finalize the details. The dilemma? When her aunt accidentally points out the wrong man, Sophie finds herself making promises to a man who is not her intended. The Duke of Barton might be titled, but he’s also a notorious rake. If only she’d known before she allowed the rogue a kiss under the mistletoe.

A Snowstorm Serenade for Lady Sarah
Stranded with a rake…

Lady Sarah Maxwell is in a whole heap of trouble. Which is odd considering, as the bluestocking of her family, she normally spends her time ensconced in books, not adventures. But when a snowstorm traps her in the village, the only person she is able to rely on is her brother’s best friend, known rake, and general ne’er-do-well, the Viscount of Spalding.

A Snowfall Sleigh Ride for Lady Serena
Hunting the hoyden…

The Earl of Rushton is in need of a wife and Lady Serena requires a husband. This ought to be a simple arrangement. And yet…how is a man supposed to court his potential bride when he can’t even find her? Rush always thought he’d marry for love like his parents, but love won’t save his estate from ruin. And so here he is, playing a game of cat and mouse with the headstrong young lady who’d agreed to be his bride during one fateful sleigh ride.

A Snowman Wish for Lady Samantha
A desperate debutante…

It’s all too much. At least that is how Lady Samantha feels as she slips out into the snow to build a snowman. With her first season bearing down on her, she’d give anything to have her mother’s guidance one last time. But certainly, it isn’t that prayer that sends the Marquess of Longley calling at that precise moment. Nor is it her wish that an avalanche of snow fall on the man’s stiff and serious head. But since he’s arrived, she might as well use him to help practice her charms before the official season begins. What’s the harm in that?

The Earl’s Winter Bride
How does an earl teach his four meddling sisters a lesson about interfering in his affairs? A fake courtship ought to do nicely.

The Earl of Evans knew from the first moment that the invitation arrived that the Christmastide house party his sisters were hosting was a ruse. They’d done it before…they’d already found the recipe. Take an eligible lord and a marriageable lady, add a sleigh ride, some mistletoe, and few candlelit evenings with Christmastide carols and boom, he’d go from one of England’s most eligible bachelors to a happily married man.

Only he has no interest in marriage, and even better, neither does the lady they’ve chosen for his prospective bride. Together, they concoct the perfect foil to his sister’s schemes: they’ll pretend that his sisters’ plans have worked.

The problem? His sisters managed to get some things right after all. Because sleigh rides and mistletoe kisses might make a man wonder. And the more times he spends with Lady Duxbury, the more he questions who is playing who and which feelings are part of the act and which ones are coming directly from his heart?

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