NEW Release from Zoe Blake!!

Enter the twisted mind of Zoe Blake… 

The Decadent and the Damned, an all-new horror collection featuring dark, twisted and sensual short stories from USA Today bestselling author Zoe Blake is available now! 

Grab your copy today! 

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Enter the twisted mind of Zoe Blake…

Dark. Depraved. Seductive.

Each shocking story is a sensually wicked taboo.
There is no sanctuary, no light – only darkness – and a deep, clawing horror.

The blood of the innocent will be shed in a distorted perversion of all you hold dear.
You will search in vain for a happy ending.

This is your only warning.

Includes the follow novellas:
Crimson Seduction – A Vampyre Tale
Lilith’s Revenge – A Demon Tale
The Perfect Wife – A Tale of Twisted Perfection
Broken Doll, Book One – A Sadistic Tale
Damaged Doll, Book Two
Damned Doll, Book Three
The Butler Did It – A Classic Tale
Champagne Dreams – A Timely Tale of Murder

Publisher’s Warning: These are DARK tales of sensual horror with triggering elements. It is intended for adults only and contains several forbidden scenes which may make some readers uncomfortable. Read with Caution.

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